Tara McCann Wellness

You’ve been told it’s your greatest weakness, when actually it’s your greatest strength.

I guide women to identify patterns in their menstrual cycle and find ways to support their health so they live in the flow of their hormones and stop fighting with their body.

As women, we’ve been taught that we’re weaker because of our cycle. That it’s something to be ashamed of. That we should ignore it, pretend it doesn’t exist and work even harder to prove that we’re worthy.

Don’t believe the lie!

Your cycle is a map to your motivations, emotions, and needs. By unlocking the key, you can embrace and connect to your power.

Your cycle is a framework to nourish yourself without guilt. As you take care of yourself, you have more to give others.

Your cycle is a plan to get more done, without burning out. Leveraging your hormones you can do your best work in less time.

Your cycle is a window to your inner wisdom. Trusting your body, you tap into your divine feminine energy.

I offer small group and individual coaching for women who are ready to take charge of their health, get more done without burning out, and create daily nourishing practices of self-care.

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5 responses on “Tara McCann Wellness

  1. Tori

    Tara’s program played an integral part in my journey to true self-love! The awareness about my cycle gave me permission to trust my body, intuition, and magic. And my awareness increases exponentially every cycle since the program!

  2. Sally Keasler

    Tara is incredible !
    I have attended her 30 day Tracking with the Moon program and learned so much about my cycle and moods and more! Everyday I got to listen to her soothing meditations, then listen as she shared valuable and useable information to help me understand my days. What a blessing she is, I highly recommend.

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