Sudie’s Corner

Sudie’s Corner is a small, creative business whose goal is to create unique and personalized pieces of art that will bring you and your loved ones joy for years to come. My hand painted peg dolls and shadow boxes capture all the things that are meaningful to you and make the best gifts. Their heirloom quality and beautiful wooden texture makes them durable and eco friendly.

Sudie’s Corner started by hand painting wooden peg dolls into toys. Anything you can imagine can be brought to life on a peg doll, from a famous cartoon character to a famous scientist or politician, even animals can be made into little peg dolls.

Starting this year Sudie’s Corner has begun painting home portraits and other meaningful scenes onto wooden shadow box frames that serve as a back drop to the little peg dolls. The combination of the custom painted back drop and the peg dolls makes a completely unique piece of art that is not only an amazing addition to the decor in your home but also doubles as wooden, pretend play toys that ignite your children’s imagination. How meaningful is it to play with a little family of peg dolls that looks just like your own.

These shadow boxes have quickly become a bestseller as they are a unique, original heirloom quality product that is sure to become a part of your families most loved treasures.

Whatever you can imagine can be made into a three dimensional piece of art by Sudie’s Corner. Your imagination is the limit!

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3 responses on “Sudie's Corner

  1. Kristin

    I don’t even know where to start with this review except to say that everything Susana creates is stunning, special, and magical. She has made countless gifts for me now, everything from wedding to graduation to anniversary gifts. And she even created custom Easter eggs for my class one year! By far, the most elaborate and special thing yet was the shadow box and peg doll set she made for my parents’ 60th anniversary. Her attention to detail as she recreated important scenes from their life together – the building where they met, the church where they married, and the home they live in now – was incredible. And she was so patient and communicative while I worked to get her photos of all 21 of us so that she could create the personalized dolls. Truly, the most amazing gift I’ve ever had the privilege of giving someone.

  2. Helen Beavers

    I can’t say enough good things about Sudie’s Corner. Her attention to detail is amazing. I have gifted several family boxes to friends and family and they all rave. I love the two boxes I have now. When my daughter opened her custom peg doll ornament this past year she jumped up and down and ran to put it on the tree. Something she and I will always remember. In a mass produced world these are truly one of a kind!

  3. Candice luella chalmers

    Highly recommend gifts from Sudies Corner! I had a custome doll made for a friend who was having a hard month and it arrived fast, perfect and with the most adorable little sentimental touches! These are the perfect gifts for the person who’s hard to shop for or that special present.

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