She Glows Candle Co

We are a hand-poured, small batch candle company in Portland, OR. We use only clean ingredients in our products, including coco apricot creme wax, essential oils + crackling wooden wicks. We are committed to using ONLY nontoxic, phthalate free, eco friendly + sustainable ingredients in all our candles and products.


We also absolutely LOVE to collab with MOB members and create custom, wholesale or private label candles for you and your clients and to perfectly match your brand!

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5 responses on “She Glows Candle Co

  1. Tori

    The candles SMELL AMAZING, look beautiful, and are nontoxic and wood wick! Like, what more could you possibly want in a candle?? Oh, they’re also made by the sweetest woman on the planet, so there’s that!

  2. Jenelle Woodlief

    The best candles ever!! Quality candles that last a long time and the scents are absolutely divine. I really like the wood wicks too. They’re by far my favorite candles and can’t wait to try more of them.

  3. Andrea Procida

    As someone who is very conscious about the products that I bring into my home regarding toxins, I’m so grateful that Emily has created non-toxic candles! These are the most luxurious candles and she has really thought of every detail down to her packaging. Treat yourself or grab some gifts!

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