Sarsey Seams

All handmade reusable swaps to help you reduce your use of disposable things in your home and personal care routines.

We specialize in cloth menstrual/incontinence pads and accessories for them. No matter your body or flow, we can work with you to find a comfortable, dependable way to manage the logistics without the dependence on disposables. We offer reusable wet bags for storage and transport of pads or diapers. For the new mom, we offer both postpartum pads and cloth nursing pads.

In addition to the many pad options available on our website, we provide a unique option: our Cloth Club Membership. This includes a virtual consultation and the ability to work with me for an entire year to gradually customize your reusable pad collection to be exactly what you need. I’ll hold your hand and it will be fun!

Beyond pads, we make other reusable sewn and crocheted items. For personal care, we have flannel wipes and crocheted cotton face scrubbies. Newly, we are offering soap sacks to prolong the life of your favorite artisan soap bar! We have market and produce bags to make shopping at the store or farmers’ market even more green.

We also make reusable covers for mops, sweepers, and dusters to give you an alternative to pricey disposable Swiffer covers. These are soft, beautiful, and effective, all while reducing single-use purchases. Win-win! We have un-sponges to help with washing dishes. We are also offering an eco-decor option with our new cotton hanging air plant holders.

I take custom and wholesale orders for reusable, eco-friendly products, so I’d love to connect more if you have an idea for your home or business!

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4 responses on “Sarsey Seams

  1. Tori

    I friggin LOVE the reusable menstrual pads I received from Sarsey Seams! They are such high quality and are such an incredible swap for the planet-damaging disposable ones! Highly recommend!

    1. Sarah Peshek Post author

      Thank you for the kind words! My favorite thing is helping people find what works for them and I’m so glad I’ve done it for you!! <3 Thanks for sharing your experience.

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