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In a quiet wood outside of Portland, Oregon, lives an artist who plays with lightning. That’s me.

It is a place where my magic happens regularly using wood, leather, paper and pen, silicone, glass, tile, and acrylic.

I  delight in creating both one-of-a-kind items for clients and supporting other makers and business women by making components for their projects.

Born out of my own need to process loss, grief, fear, and helplessness, I began my later in life journey into the art world by doodling nearly 15 years ago.

Sometimes the doodle was a dynamic explosion of lines and arcs filled with whimsy. Others, it was a magical, benevolent creature lurking in the ink

Whatever was in the drawing, came from a reservoir of creativity into which I had only recently tapped.

Spurred on by my loving Hubs, children, and close friends, I dared to dream a bigger dream for myself.

Please let me know how I can help you celebrate your special people and the joyous events in your life something magical from a quiet wood outside of Portland, Oregon.

collaboration, awards, custom engraving, client gifts, corporate gifts

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7 responses on “Ruth McCabe Designs

  1. Candice luella chalmers

    I can’t say enough great things about Ruth’s designs! After collaborating with Ruth about an idea for a very sentimental gift creation, she hit my idea on the head bringing it together perfectly. If you need custom ideas turned into creations that last a lifetime, you need to contact her!

  2. Ruth McCabe Post author

    It was painless, casual, yet efficient to work together with Ruth Penk McCabe to make a sign for my studio welcome table.
    I wanted to show some pride of craftsmanship and Ruth delivered more than I even expected while being professional and friendly.
    The signs arrived in beautifully recycled packaging and came much faster than I expected.
    Thank you Ruth!

  3. Ruth McCabe Post author

    his apple was a HUGE hit for the girls teachers when everyone was able to “meet in real life” for the first time post pandemic. After navigating the virtual learning space for 13 months…both teachers and our student proved they could “virtually” do anything. Great crafts-womanship from Ruth McCabe, who personalized and sent this promptly to our home. (Sorry Amazon, Ruth is just as quick:)) Ruth was a pleasure to work with, the piece is beautiful, and I can hardly wait to find other beautiful “gifts” in her shop for myself or loved ones.

  4. Ruth McCabe Post author

    ruth is the best ! i ordered a custom logo on a wood box and not only was it amazing , she added a magnet and a few super sweet touches . her love for her art comes through in her finished product
    Love, cass skincare & waxing on Tue Jun 29 2021

  5. Ruth McCabe Post author

    Ruth made me some beautiful custom wooden tags and unique wooden yarn bobbins. She’s super cool and talented – I enjoyed working with her and love her creations!
    Amanda on Tue Jul 20 2021

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