Royaboya Handmade

There are 3 main parts to Royaboya Handmade!
Jewelry, Bazaars, and Sponsorship!

First – handcrafted, vibrant jewelry made from cotton and clay. These one of a kind pieces are intricate, playful, and varied – adorning badass women all over the world. They are available individually and make great gifts for every season. Wholesale and group sets can also be purchased. I’ve got botanical earrings, crocheted studs, clay hoops, marbled hairclips… jewelry that plays off tv shows, book covers, native plants, or even customer photos of their favorite vacations. They are pieces of art you can wear. Go to to purchase yours!

Second – The Royaboya Handmade Bazaar is a regular virtual special event that connects handmade vendors to an engaged audience committed to shopping small. Each Bazaar has 3-10 days of games, contests, raffle prizes, and 5-30 vendors selling their amazing products. There is often “live” music, workshops, and more. The Bazaar is committed to supporting mom owned and minority owned businesses! Check out to see if applications are open for the next Bazaar!

Third – if you are a maker under the age of 20, check out the Youth Entrepreneur Sponsorship Program! Roya loves nothing more than taking kid and teen businesses as seriously as their owners, and helping provide training and opportunities. If you are a business over 20, you might consider being a sponsor for these awesome kids! The Royaboya Handmade youth sponsorship program matches kid biz with an individual or organization who pays their booth fee. The kids then get access to education, training videos, event support, and get to sell during the event as well! Sponsors get a spotlight during the event.

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4 responses on “Royaboya Handmade

  1. Britney Brown

    Roya is a creative visionary. I absolutely love seeing the things Roya puts into the world.

    Not only is all of her handmade work mind-blowing my creative it’s also very well made. I have a bunch of Roya’s pieces that I wear often but in particular I have a necklace she made 2-3 years ago that I wear all the time and it still looks just as beautiful as the day I got it, even with two kids constantly tugging on me and inspecting the pretty crocheted detail with their little hands. Roya’s work is one of a kind which means each piece is a unique irreplaceable work of art.

  2. Tori

    I absolutely LOVE the earrings I got from Roya!! I got a pair of clay dangle earrings with flowers and greenery on them. The amount of detail put into these tiny little accents amazes me. I get compliments on them all the time!

  3. Leann Calvi

    I am slightly addicted to RoyaBoya earrings. She is a true artist and everything she creates is a masterpiece. I have worked with Roya for a custom order and they turned out exceptional. Buy for yourself or get a gift that everyone is sure to love!

  4. Candice luella chalmers

    I love everything that RoyaBoya handmade creates! Feel good treats for myself and gifts for others, these beautiful pieces are perfectly fun and all so uniquely crafted! These are the perfect gifts and there’s so many sentimental styles to choose from.

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