Roya Dedeaux, licensed therapist

Roya Dedeaux (rhymes with playdough!) is a licensed therapist with a parenting focus!

Ever look up and realize you’re in the middle of a story you didn’t exactly want to write?
Are you using words like, “struggle, battle, chore, fight” to describe interactions with your kids?
Have you been feeling guilty, stressed, or overwhelmed?
Are you worried about passing on anxiety to your kids or helping them with their own fears?

I help moms through this, and other parenting pieces, ALL THE TIME. So take a deep breath, and let’s rewrite your narrative.

Here are the ways we can work together:

1) One on one sessions (perfect for folks who want to build a relationship with someone they can trust, to work through historical trauma/anxiety and how it impacts your day to day.)

2) Membership in my Play with Purpose group (great for folks who want access to a therapist to help reach goals and have group support)

3) Read my book, Connect with Courage (practical ways to release fear and find joy in the places your kids take you. Great for parents who want to dive in on their own time)

4) Attend a live virtual zoom call (great for folks who have a specific issue they’d like to work on in a limited time frame. Check my workshop listings to see if there are any that would be right for you!)

5) Download a past workshop/webinar (examples include: Pandemic Parenting Reset, Helping Teens with Adulting, Assertiveness for Women in Business)

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One response on “Roya Dedeaux, licensed therapist

  1. Britney Brown

    I trust Roya’s skills, knowledge, experience, and unique insight. I have not had the pleasure of being a direct client of Roya’s, but I have purchased her workbooks and I love the parenting workshops that are available virtually!

    I highly recommend following Roya Dedeaux on instagram and Tik Tok!

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