Rae of Light Concepts & Staffing

Rae of Light is changing the world, one audience at a time. We believe that businesses are the OG’s of social influence and therefore have a duty to show up with purpose, for purpose. How many people’s story would be delayed if a business isn’t there to inspire them? We cringe at the thought. So, we make it our job to equip business owners on a mission to create ripples and waves with the strategies, software support, and staffing to show up #ShineBright and inspire! We offer pipeline design, awareness strategies, team development, and leadership training to have owners show up with the confidence to shake things up in their zone of brilliance. Not to mention the staff to support their online and awareness efforts. For far too long things have been run by those more concerned with self and not society as a whole. It’s time we change that the way only we as a community can.

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