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Since 2006 Pass It On has been serving Oregon families of the Portland metro area by providing a safe place to sell gently used kid clothes, toys, baby gear, and more. Hundreds of families participate in selling their items to the thousands of people who shop each sale. We are a community oriented pop-up resale shop, open for a week in the spring and a week in the fall. Make money selling stuff you don’t need anymore. Save money buying stuff you do need at way below retail prices. Pass It On rents a big building to house 500 families’ inventories, supply an online place for sellers to create their inventory, advertise to get the shoppers, take credit cards for purchases, and do our best to sell as much as we can in the week we are open. Kids grow so fast they need new clothes for each season! And we are here for that! Whatever you’ve got, clothes, shoes, toys, books, baby gear, even furniture, use it for a while then pass it on!

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