I help people easily transition to toxic free living by providing eco friendly products and safe cleaning alternatives!
I’ve always believed in being a good steward of the environment and desire to leave a legacy to our children of a healthier and safer way to live and clean.
By using less plastics and and paper waste, we are contributing less to the landfills. With enzyme based cleaners we are not polluting our water and soil. I get excited for our children and grandchildren having this powerful knowledge and better choices. Imagine a world free of cancer, autoimmune diseases and asthma! I am on a mission to help and influence the next generation!

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2 responses on “Norwex

  1. Jenelle Woodlief

    Stacy is fantastic!! She’s so knowledgeable and her Norwex products are fantastic. She will help you find just the right product for you and help you transition to a non-toxic zero waste life so easily, and she’s just a joy to work with.

  2. Sally Keasler

    I love my Norwex products from Stacy. She offers and shares her knowledge and helps you choose the ideal products to suit your toxin free living goals. As well as being less harmful in your home, these products work really great!

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