Love Cass Skincare

I am an organic skincare formulator .
I am an herbalist , i grow a large majority of plants used in my products ( dna like dna )
what this actually means: i can formulate products specifically for your one of a kind skin needs.
i also have a line of products that will always be available.
i offer a glass buy back program to cut down on waste.
i love love love supporting women owned collectives when i cannot grow or source a ingredient locally

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2 responses on “Love Cass Skincare

  1. Tori

    Cass makes GAME CHANGING skincare products! My skin tends to be either painfully dry/tight or overly oil and prone to breakouts. No in between. But I started using her Face Balm and it has completely balanced out my skin! And I love that she is so intentional and knowledgeable about the integrity of the ingredients in her products!

  2. Angela Thompson

    Cass has absolutely changed the way I approach my skincare routine. Her level of intuitiveness and connectedness with the Earth and all her beautiful offerings is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Her studio is so beautiful and welcoming, I actually teared up the first time I saw it. There is something special about receiving a facial from someone who is as truly gifted as she.

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