Live Pure Mama (Pure Haven)

Hi! I’m Krissie 🙂

I am a wife, mom, teacher, adventure-enthusiast and an Ambassador for Pure Haven (natural product company). I empower other moms to decrease the number of toxins in their home by giving them the tools and knowledge to analyze personal care products and make safe & wise decisions no matter what brand. I sell Pure Haven products because I passionately agree with their mission to make completely natural and nontoxic products and make them accessible to as many families as possible (through affordability and awareness).

From public speaking, DIY workshops, online webinars, to home parties, I welcome public opportunities where I can share about overcoming the “Toxic Issue” and give resources to people wanting to transition to safer products and also offer classes about eco-friendly living and green cleaning.

Booking a free spa hour is a fantastic way to connect with me and my mission. I visit you in your home (you can invite friends if you’d like) and walk you through the steps of an organic facial. You’ll get free resources to know exactly how to analyze your current products for safety and get to smell and try and experience the Pure Haven products for yourself. Especially love doing these for busy moms who need a little pampering, empowerment and fun!
I also do texting parties and parties on Facebook to share the Pure Haven mission and products. Hosts can earn really generous rewards by helping me grow my business and empowering their friends to choose safe products.

Thanks for reading and for your support of mom-owned businesses!


“Live Pure Mama”

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Thanks Krissie I really enjoy the Master Blaster and the other items purchased and I am happy with the quality and prices are also very good. Thanks for your help Krissie 1 768x768
Ive tried sleepy essential oils in the past especially when I was pregnant but I always found the scent too strong especially when clary sage is one of the ingredients and many of them would actually be c 2 768x768
I had the pleasure of being a host of one of the pure haven parties that Krissie Lenahan provides. She was so sweet and helpful. I am not very good at social media or anything technical. She would help me along 2 768x768
Ive heard of pre and probiotics for the gut but why would I want them on my face 768x768
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One response on “Live Pure Mama (Pure Haven)

  1. Sally Keasler

    Krissie has such passion for clean toxic free products, so we hit it off right away! I love her knowledge and the energetic way she shares. With a true kind heart, I love her customer service & the product line she has chosen to represent, Pure Haven. I feel safe in her knowledgeable hands and enjoy all the products I’ve tried so far.

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