Karina’s Noonday Worldchangers

Noonday isn’t a typical jewelry company. It’s a Fair trade company that sells jewelry from artisans in Uganda, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Vietnam and helps them to create a dignified wage and decent living in their own community. They no longer have to give up babies for adoption or sell their bodies to make $$. It’s a small dent for Global Impact and World Change but every little bit helps!! It’s something that you can feel good about your $$ going towards as well!

We have bracelets from $12 all the way up to Leather bags for $298! It’s a great product and a great cause.

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One response on “Karina's Noonday Worldchangers

  1. Angela Thompson

    Karina is such an incredible woman. I have absolutely loved each and every experience and interaction with her. She truly cares about the betterment of the world, is incredibly knowledgeable in ALL of her fields and is a joy to work with!

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