Jenelle Woodlief, Transformational Bodywork Healing

Jenelle Woodlief is a bodywork healer, pain specialist, licensed massage therapist, and bodywork educator based in Portland, Oregon.

She has crafted a unique approach to bodywork and deep healing, drawing from her trainings in Traditional Thai Massage and Energy Healing and Structural Bodywork. She is a skilled and intuitive bodyworker, and gifted in her ability to lead clients on a journey of healing and self-discovery.

Her Transformational Bodywork Series involves twelve 2-hour sessions, which include structural assessments, bodywork in her signature style, self-bodywork instruction, and self-care empowerment.

What are clients saying?

Julie, “Jenelle is actual magic. Her series changed my life. 100%.”

Adam, “No one I’ve ever worked with has such a personal care and craving to understand what’s going on. She is remarkable. She has taught me a lot about my own body and clearly explains the reasoning of what is causing all of the discomfort. She is changing my life.”

Amy, “I went from severely depressed, low self-esteem & physical pain in my lower back, shoulders, neck & heart to calm, released & ready to face challenges. Honestly, she is a true healer. It feels like she pours good energy out of her body through her hands and into you.”

Scott, “Jenelle has a beautiful practice. She is incredibly skilled. Her blend of skills from different types of massage and body work and the skill to be able to use the right tool to help. She also just has a sixth sense of where you’re tight and sore without even telling her. She’s safe and loving. She cares deeply about what she is doing. After multiple sessions I’ve noticed improvement in my pain and I feel more balanced. My posture is better and I’m more aware of my body.”

Julie, “My body feels so much better, like a million times better. Without Jenelle, I would just be completely exhausted. And I’m so, so thankful for her, and for her program that she offers. It was so good for me, so good for me on so many levels. I cannot recommend working with her enough and she’s magic.”

Amy, “She listens with compassion, holds space for whatever emotions you have and provides a safe place to relax, focus on yourself and take time to heal. She helped enable me to find some goodness in myself again and realize some of my self-worth again. Her combination of listening to your needs, then figuring out the best way to massage, stretch and work the body in ways that produce long-lasting pain relief. I tell her all the time she’s magic!”

Kara, “Jenelle is a monkey mama who moves around and knows exactly how to work with your unique body and pains. She assesses the body and it’s quirks and issues before working together. She always checks in and makes sure you are resonant with her pressure. She is intentional and focused as she works creating successful results. Her energy is uplifting. She is skillful, well educated on massage and thoughtful.”

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3 responses on “Jenelle Woodlief, Transformational Bodywork Healing

  1. Tori

    Jenelle is LOVE and MAGIC in human form 100000000%
    I started my 12-week series with her at a point of complete dissociation from my body. When she would ask me what parts of my body are in pain, I would tell her I genuinely didn’t know because I was living completely in my head and not every dropping into my body.
    Jenelle begins every session asking, not only where the discomfort lives in your body, but where the discomfort in your life is. She is so wise in matters of seeing your mental and emotional pain showing up as physical pain.
    She has helped me to rebuild a loving relationship with my body. She is supporting me on my journey to trusting my body’s wisdom.
    The investment that I am making in Jenelle’s Bodywork is coming back to me tenfold in every way.

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