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Jacki Made was started in July of 2020 as a way to show up for my family and my community. I was making masks for my friends and neighbors but struggling to find a job after being layed off during the pandemic. I realized I had a great wealth of knowledge for sewing, knitting, and generally making useful things that i was not using when I worked more traditional jobs!

Jacki Made has brought me back to basics… I enjoy the time I spend making, creating, and crafting! I enjoy the challenge of problem solving and troubleshooting and I REALLY love process improvement!

So, when you buy a Jacki Made item, you are getting more than a colorful and helpful handmade item, you are supporting my mental health!

Current offerings include:
– Custom made Robes!- toddler to Adult 3x, 4 color options, lots of animal ears to choose from. Matching family robes or strut your style ! Cozy lounge wear is the best! (Request form: https://forms.gle/fvj2o824VCLP41Me7)
-Masks for Toddlers, Youth, and Adults (customize with 6 sizes, 50+ fabric prints, elastic ear loops, or elastic that goes behind your head)
– Vaccine Card Holders ( protect your Vaccination card without laminating it! Easy to carry and to display)
– Hand Felted Wool Dryer balls ( like dryer sheets but colorful and sans all the chemicals!)
– Holiday Dryer Ball Sets! (Green , red, cream in a gift box)

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  1. Kary Meredith

    Have you tried dryer balls? If you haven’t, Jacki’s dryer balls are absolutely incredible. The colors are so beautiful and they truly make drying my clothes a breeze. No more terrible dryer sheets. Did I mention her amazing vaccine card holders? Adorable patterns, amazing quality and washable. I honestly can’t say enough amazing things about Jacki.

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