Infinite Raes – Oregon

Infinite Raes is a body positive salon, specializing in sculpting, contouring and various non-invasive enhancements.

We started this business in April 2020 with a tiny idea, a whole lot of ambition, and even more motivation. The greatest of which (aside from our kids) was to help people see the beauty in themselves that we see in them. As sisters, we’ve been able to both support and motivate one another in a way that nobody else can. That has transpired in us being able to better support and motivate our amazing clients.

With two locations we serve the Portland, OR and Phoenix, AZ areas.

Using a variety of non-invasive methods to: contour the body, enhance the lips, plump and lift the booty, cleanse and detox the system, rejuvenate the skin, and a multitude of other beauty and self-care methodologies. Our goal is to help clients not only look but also FEEL their absolute best.

We, at Infinite Raes, strive to earn your business by earning your trust. Our honor and commitment to our clients shows through our results driven techniques and our love, loyalty, and passion for making people feel as beautiful in their own eyes as they are in ours.

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