Images from Amy

Thanks for checking out Images from Amy. I own and operate a photography studio in Beaverton, OR serving both families and businesses. My style is clean, polished, and commercial in feeling, and I photograph portraits, wedding, fashion, branding, headshots, and products. Having been a professional photographer since 2007 has given me a large breadth of experience and the ability to light and shoot almost anything! I love the technical aspect of lighting and shooting products, but also enjoy the interactive nature of shooting people. So I do both!

ImagesFromAmy West 3584 768x512
ImagesFromAmy Ratten 4728 768x512
ImagesFromAmy BeeingKind 6826 768x512
0K7A4277 768x512
ImagesFromAmy Hoffelt 1208 768x512
ImagesFromAmy Emily 6734 768x512
ImagesFromAmy Priscilla 6106 768x512
ImagesFromAmy Projection 0496 768x512


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