Home Space and Reason; Realtor & Home Functionality Coach®

Kristina Browning is a five-star rated Realtor in the SE Portland Oregon area and a Home Functionality Coach®. She is a mom to a 9-year-old boy. She generally geeks out on all things home and yard related.

The WHY: Living in a home that doesn’t function well or support your passions can be draining and exhausting. How fulfilled we are can have a big impact on our daily life across all kinds of contexts; parenting, success, work, and health.

As a REALTOR, she includes complimentary staging with every listing. As a Buyers Agent, Kristina can help you find and purchase a home that supports your passions and values.

As a HOME FUNCTIONALITY Coach® she can treat home functionality issues, aesthetics problems, and organization struggles. (Yes, she has a team that does home organization!) Her passion is helping people Create a Home that Thrives not just for today, but for the long haul. This means creating processes that work for your family that can be sustainable; from laundry solutions to tweaking your kitchen and cooking habits… she can help make your home more functional.

PODCAST ?? She is the producer and host of a nationally distributed podcast called “Home Space and Reason” with goodness about home aesthetics, automation, organization and functionality. With a bit of history and psychology… this isn’t your typical HOUSE podcast. “Home Space and Reason” is kid-friendly and all positive. If you’ve never listened, she recommends starting at Episode 1 available on any platform you listen by searching “Home Space and Reason.”

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