Holistic Marketing Maven

My mission is to help you Package, Price, & Market your business taking you from a local to global market.
You want to create a high end program or course? I got you covered. My strategies for course creation and promotion are guaranteed to get you sold out.

I help you every step of the way from course creation, pricing your offer and marketing it to the masses.

Book Your Practice Solid with solid strategies to promote and streamline your offers.

Holistic Marketing takes a personal approach to branding & marketing. We work closely with you to uncover your customers’ needs, and help you create strategies to attract them.

Holistic Marketing is a little different.
*If you are a wellness entrepreneur, no one wants to hear you talk about the cost of your services. They want to hear about health, peace of mind, stress reduction, and prevention.
*It’s time for a new way to market yourself that tells the world what you really do.

Angela Tisci Biz Coach & Course Creator


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