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Hearing Loss Affects Everyone

Whether you ended up tossing your over-priced hearing aids in a desk drawer because they didn’t do the job or you don’t own any because they’re too expensive, the problem didn’t go away. Left untreated, hearing loss can cause:

*social isolation
*falling & difficulty with balance
*anxiety & depression

Everyone deserves to have a better experience with affordable, quality hearing aids.

Hearing loss is an unseen problem most of us often deny until it becomes very noticeable. I want to educate folks about hearing care and their options for better hearing. Our brains are fascinating and when we ignore our hearing it has the potential to affect us in so many ways that often we don’t attribute to hearing difficulties.

Recent research from Johns Hopkins reveals that hearing loss is also linked with walking problems, falls and even dementia. Avoiding social situations due to difficulty hearing and understanding in noisy situation, social isolation due to frustration and and fatigue are other symptoms.

Did you know that even mild hearing loss can impact your memory? Did you know you can retrain your brain to hear better in crowded and noisy places? Are any of these situations familiar?

• Your child is struggling to read, or has difficulty listening and following directions.
• Your spouse is tired of repeating everything.
• You’ve started pretending to hear what others are saying.
• You are reevaluating what social activities to attend because of the effort required to keep up with conversations.

At my practice, our emphasis is on service (rehabilitation), not sales. I take time to complete a thorough examination and answer every single question you or your family has. We have helped hundreds of people, from infants to Seniors, improve their quality of life through better hearing. Don’t let hearing loss keep you or your loved one from doing the things you love. Set up a time to come in and talk to us and find out how we can help. We work with all ages (babies and older) including the Veterans Community Care Program.

We can also help those that did not receive their hearing aids at our office. Ask about our Wellness program to help keep current hearing aids functioning their best.

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