Healistic Reserve

Lunar Bath Rituals for Holistic Healing of the Body, Mind, & Spirit.

Relax your Body | Quiet your Mind | Rejuvenate your Spirit

Healistic Reserve Lunar Bath Rituals are all about alignment.

Alignment between your Body, Mind, and Spirit. Alignment with your Highest Self. Alignment with all that you are manifesting into your life. Alignment with the energies of the moon and astrology.

These Lunar Bath Rituals provide everything you need for your luxurious, ritualistic Self-care. From the intentional bath products, nontoxic candle, Ritual Rundown and Reiki-infused guided meditations, to the altar supports (like relevant crystals, affirmation cards, and botanical spell jars).

For more information, visit www.healisticreserve.com

Lunar Bath Ritual
Self Love Ritual
New Moon Bath Bombs
Lunar Bath Ritual
Holistic Healing
Sugar Scrub, Body Butter, and Bath bombs
Full Moon Bath Ritual Collection
Last Quarter Moon Bath Salts
First Quarter Moon Bath Tea
First Quarter Moon Bath Tea
Last Quarter Moon Bath Salts
Full Moon Bath Ritual Collection
New Moon Bath Ritual Collection
New Moon Bath Ritual Collection
Eco-friendly packaging
Bath Bombs from the New Moon Bath Ritual Collection


10 responses on “Healistic Reserve

  1. Britney Brown

    Healistic Reserve’s lunar bath rituals are a beautiful and powerful experience. The subscription boxes are filled with luxurious ritual tools that were carefully handpicked by Tori for THE bath ritual you never knew you needed! If you’re looking for a deeper connection with your body and for a unique way to love yourself, I highly recommend subscribing to get access to Tori’ bath rituals and online portal.

  2. Amanda thayer

    I signed up for the lunar bath ritual subscription box not really knowing what to expect. When my first box arrived I was BLOWN AWAY! I could tell that the items were intentionally selected and were of a high quality. The portal is easy to use and each bath has detailed instructions where Tori explains what each bath is all about, what items to use and how exactly you need to use them.
    I look forward to every bath and now I’m pretty much obsessed.
    Thank you Tori.

  3. Lea K. Tawd

    Tori’s lunar bath rituals are SO incredibly beautiful and indulgent! You can tell how much care she puts into them, from quality skincare ingredients and essential oils, to a card with a suggested ritual, to crystals and an affirmation card—it’s amazing. I also own her affirmation deck and I adore it. Pulling a card from that deck is a perfect way to start my day! And did I mention that Tori herself is a goddess? Well, there you go. If you want to truly nourish your soul, support this awesome mom-owned business.

  4. Kary Meredith

    I received a new moon ritual from Tori and can I just say how truly amazing it is. We don’t have an appropriate bath so she swapped out a shower steamer for me and it was AMAZING! It is such a treat and the most beautiful of rituals for the new moon! A truly magical experience!

  5. Sally Keasler

    I loved my bath moon ritual box, such a unique and special way to gift yourself (or someone else) some genuinely beautiful self care. Love all the thought behind each item to make the experience wonderful.

  6. Angela Thompson

    There aren’t enough words to explain how incredible Tori’s Moon Cycle subscription box is. The boxes are incredibly well thought out, luxurious, sensual and healing. This has become my new favorite way to care for myself. PLUS Tori collaborates with many other MOB to provide the best possible healing experience. I cannot say enough good things about her products!

  7. Jenelle Woodlief

    I love Tori’s moon ritual subscription so much!! I love getting a beautiful gift box every month that helps me celebrate the moon cycle and celebrate myself and my own self-care. The products are fantastic, I look forward to using each one. I also LOVE Tori’s instagram, it’s so beautiful and inspiring. Everyone needs to follow her and at least try a moon bath set!

  8. Dianna

    I am so grateful to work/collaborate with Tori and to see her Magic out in the world. Her products are so amazing and healing. I love the way she collaborates with other Mom Own Businesses to make her offerings even more rich and luxurious. Of course I recommend Moon Baths for everyone and these are the real deal!

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