Globe Life/Family Heritage Division

We protect families financially when their lives are turned upside down by a cancer diagnosis, heart attack/stroke, accidental injury, or a stay in the ICU. We offer 4 different types of affordable policies (CancerCare, CardiaCare, InjurCare, IntensiveCare). We pay you cash directly to use however you see fit. Our coverage is separate from any other insurance you own.
One of the best features which sets us apart from our few competitors is our “Return of Premiums” feature! We return the difference between the total amount of premiums that you’ve paid, less any claims received (if that difference is above zero)!! So essentially, we pay you whether or not you use the policy!! When you call our customer service number, you will get a live person, who is based in the US. Once you enroll in a policy, your premium will never go up based on age or number of claims.

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Accidental Injury
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