Foundation Fitness & Nutrition

Foundation Fitness & Nutrition provides online personal training and nutrition counseling for busy women who want to gain strength, develop their ideal body, and rock their confidence.
Foundation Fitness & Nutrition with Alta is based on flexible nutrition and functional fitness specific to your lifestyle, habits and goals. We focus on your Foundation of: proper basic human movements, nutrition understanding, positive mindset practices, we then bring those together for your customized program to help you reach your maximum potential.
I have been in the fitness industry for over 14 years. Specifically working with women toward their goals and best self. As the industry has evolved so has clearer solutions to help women reach their goals. Let me help you seamlessly focus only on what is needed to help you reach your goals and forget the rest.

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Alta Andres
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One response on “Foundation Fitness & Nutrition

  1. Angela Thompson

    Alta provides a real, simple to understand approach to nutrition and fitness. She is able to create a routine that works for ANYONE. When I say anyone, I mean it. Time constraints, injuries, food allergies, you name it! If you’re looking for a way to improve your physical health (let’s be real, physical is attached to all the other aspects of ourselves), Alta is your girl!

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