Excruciating Joy Photography

The details are unique, there is joy and sorrow. There are highs and lows. Life isn’t always picture perfect.

But some days, you’re sitting in your backyard watching your kids play – and there’s that moment. You SEE them. It doesn’t matter what they are doing, whatever it is it’s THEM. You want to find that elusive “PAUSE” button and stay here a while. You want to let that moment seep into your memory and engrave itself onto your heart forever. What I want to constantly celebrate are these moments when we are completely present and wholly invested in what is happening right then. Where it feels like your chest is ripping from its seams because you are just SO FULL of that moment. A second, perhaps, but that’s all it takes. Because it’s the tiny things that make the rest worth doing.

That, my friends, is Excruciating Joy.
Capturing these moments is why I do Photography.

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One response on “Excruciating Joy Photography

  1. Jenelle Woodlief

    Noelle is such a fantastic family photographer! She took photos of my boys (4 and 8) and me last month and it was so fun. She met us in one of our favorite places in the woods, and so naturally captured our joy and love. She captured us all together beautifully, and managed to capture both my boys (two wild boys running all over the place). I love the photos so much!! I can’t wait to give photo gifts for christmas and send out photo holiday cards. I will definitely use Noelle again, and I highly recommend family photos with her!

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