Edwards Realty Trust brokered by MORE Realty

Serving the Silicon Forest and the Heart of Wine Country.
Edwards Realty Trust Brokered By More Realty is a boutique real estate brokerage that focuses on the individual needs of our clients. We serve the Silicon Forest, Washington, Columbia and Yamhill Counties. Our dedicated team of professionals can guide you in the right direction to help you obtain your real estate goals. We serve, with excellence and genuine care, buyers, sellers, investors and vacation real estate clientele.
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We create a seamless experience for home buyers and home sellers alike by handling every aspect of the process. A lot of firms say “we take care of everything,” but when the process starts, buyers and sellers often have to push and prod their agent for updates and information. With Edwards Realty Trust Brokered By More Realty, we truly handle everything and create a seamless experience for you. Our experienced brokers are proactive in the buying and selling process, actively searching for the latest and best listings for you, and by driving the process of selling to help you close as quickly as possible.
Providing a seamless experience for our residential real estate clients means offering nothing less than concierge level service… and this isn’t just a vague concept or marketing slogan. Providing concierge level service means our brokers meet every need of our clients from start to finish, guiding them through the buying or selling process. Edwards Realty Trust Brokered By More Realty clients never have to worry about what comes next, where they’re at in the process or what the latest information is. That’s because our brokers stay in constant contact with our clients, keeping them informed and helping them to prepare for the next step.
Trend Setting…
We’ve worked hard to build up a firm that breaks molds, defies traditions and sets trends in the residential real estate industry. We offer free classes on home buying and home selling to anyone and everyone who wants to properly prepare for the home buying or home selling process. And these classes aren’t just for our clients. Edwards Realty Trust Brokered By More Realty regularly offers free classes to everyone who can attend. Find out more about our amazing team below, then reach out to Edwards Realty Trust Brokered By More Realty to connect with one of our brokers. We’ll be the key to your real estate success!
Darcey Edwards, Founder & Principal Broker
Edwards Realty Trust Brokered By More Realty

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