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We understand what a business owner goes through when trying to select an agency or firm to work with. We strive to earn your trust from the moment we meet one another. We have a soft sales approach, meaning we won’t chase you down for a yes, we want you to want to work with us. It is a team effort and we value being part of your team when the time is right.

From Branding, Web Design, Web Development, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Advertising and more. We want to Give Your Brand a Refreshing Edge!

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  1. Sally Keasler

    I have had the pleasure of working with Megan from Edge One on several occasions, to help guide me through the quagmire of understanding social media & digital marketing. I often feel lost regarding this area of my business and she was incredibly kind, informative and helpful, plus patient! I could not have asked for more in great non techy language!
    On another occasion, I got to work with Nick, her husband and partner at the Edge One team, he was so knowledgeable and helpful guiding me through my existing website optimization, giving me useful tips and helping me navigate the underworld of behind my website!
    Highly recommend this business and Megan is amazing !

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