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Hello there, I’m Shannon owner of CBS! A little background: I have 25 years experience as a corporate controller in the Portland Metro area. Now I prefer to help individual business owners and non-profits achieve their financial goals. It’s important to me to set up a streamlined process that ensures accurate and timely financials to help you, the business owner, make the decisions important for your success. Our QuickBooks Pro Advisor team specializes in the design, implementation and improvement of QuickBooks-based accounting systems tailored for your small business or non-profit. We pride ourselves in quality, accurate, and timely work for reasonable rates. (15% discount for MOB referrals)

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2 responses on “Consolidated Business Solutions

  1. Stephanie Tolonen

    Shannon helped me when I didn’t even know what type of help I needed! While preparing documents for a business loan, she organized countless bank statements, online payments, and other credits/debits to create P&L and balance sheets very quickly, when I’ve never before had any sort of system besides stacks of receipts. She knew what to ask, how to find it, and caught mistakes and oversights I never would have otherwise known. She’s wonderful!

  2. Stacy Dolan

    I hired Shannon to help get the accounting for my multi-state construction company on track. She now runs all of the accounting division and has single-handedly brought back my work-life balance. She has a diverse array of capabilities that I have leaned on many times. If you are looking for a rockstar problem solver who has a gifted level of intuitive business sense, look no further. You have found her.

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