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Why would a Functional Medicine physician care about skincare and makeup? Well, because a number one source of toxins, endocrine disruptors and cancer-causing agents come from the very products we put on our face every day. And that was not OK with me. So I did my research, learned that the US only bans 30 toxins from our skincare and beauty products while other countries ban over 1,400. I learned that the last time a major federal law was updated regulating the beauty industry in the US was in 1938! And I discovered Beautycounter, a woman-owned B-Corp based out of Santa Monica dedicated to changing the industry. We create high-performing, luxe skincare and beauty product free of over 1,800 toxins. And we don’t stop there – we change laws on a federal and state level. We also care not just about what’s in our products, but how they are made, where ingredients are sourced, and what the impact is on the planet – ethically-sourced, responsibly packaged, rigorously tested. That’s Beautycounter. And I would love to share it with you through free samples, a free custom skincare consult, or even a virtual pop-up party! Come join the movement!

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