Buzzy’s Bees

Buzzy’s Bees is a nonprofit supporting families who have unexpectedly lost a child. The foundation does so through 3 different programs.

Financial Gifts:
Buzzy’s Bees is one of 10% of nonprofits in that nation that can give funds to families with no red tape. As an organization we have fought hard for this, because when you are facing unimaginable grief you shouldn’t worry about forms or red tape.

Give Grief A Voice:
The Give Grief a Voice project provides families who have lost a young child an artistic representation of their child’s life. Nearly 20 families have participated so far, and we are looking for additional families who would like to participate. Buzzy’s Bees fundraises to cover all costs for the writing and art – there is no charge to the participating families.

The process involves the collaboration of a professional writer and artist who create their child’s legacy through artistic expression. We bring a writer to listen to and record each family’s story, then commission an artist to turn their words into a piece of art that the family keeps.

The project’s primary purpose is to help families who have experienced the death of a young child, but the secondary goal is to help anyone who reads these stories learn how to better support the grieving people in their own lives. Ultimately, we hope to publish all of the stories alongside the artwork in a book.

DUBS was born out of my lack of peer support, after losing a young child, Alex was lost.
The name DUBS originated from the nickname of my son, Aiden, who we lost unexpectedly and unexplainable October 2018, at the age of 3 years old. In his death, I was surrounded by so many people that loved and mourned him, but no one to connect to the heart-rending pain I was experiencing. DUBS was created to connect the missing piece of those stuck in the abyss of childhood Bereavement. We welcome all of those family members of a lost child, who are looking for peer support.
DUBS peer support group, meets every second and fourth Wednesday of the month. Meetings tentatively planned to begin mid-November.
Following Covid guidelines to determine if we can begin meetings in person or virtually.

Alexandria Causey is a volunteer at Buzzy’s Bees and a committee chair of DUBS peer support group.

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