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Can you think of three photos of yourself that you absolutely LOVE? What do they have in common?

For me, those photos are candid moments where I am showing genuine emotions. They tell a story… either about my personality or what my life was like at a given time. They are capturing a special moment. They show me being REAL.

These three principles – Beautiful Moments, Powerful Stories, and Real People – are what I aim to document with my photography.

There is a story to tell for every moment in your life, whether that is a big event like a wedding or the birth of your child, or just a single day where you want to express through photos what it feels like to be a confident, powerful, beautiful woman. I would love to capture those stories for you.

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I got into photography as a kid. I was “the girl behind the camera” all through middle and high school. I was on the high school newspaper and the yearbook; I even studied photojournalism in college for a while (this is where my love for “documentary” style photography came from!) But it wasn’t until I was out of college, got married, had a couple of kids, and realized that I had been neglecting “Me” that I decided to start focusing my energy on doing something that I still very much loved, but had lost sight of. I started my business and got back behind the lens. I couldn’t be happier about that decision.

Over the years I photographed pretty much everything before I honed in on what I really love and want to do, like, ALL. THE. TIME— Photograph women. Women are amazing. We are beautiful, powerful people but, when it comes to photography, I’d noticed that we often neglect being “real” and opt instead for being behind the camera, or using a variety of lighting, angles, and filters to get a selfie that we think is decent. We seem to be quick to judge ourselves in others’ photos and find faults to point out in our physical appearances. Why do we do this to ourselves?

My goal as a photographer (and a fellow woman) is to make you feel BEAUTIFUL and POWERFUL, while still capturing the REAL you! I want to show you how amazing your genuine smile and emotions are. And that you are a frickin’ badass!

DSC 3622 768x513
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Rebecca boudoir brittney corey photography 139 768x1151
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Matt Morgan Couples Boudoir 34 768x513
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Jamie Kelly 10
Carissa 106
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2 responses on “Brittney Corey Photography

  1. Kary Meredith

    I generally hate having my picture taken. That being said, I had the most beautiful session with Brittney. She made me feel beautiful and confident. I loved every single picture and had a hard time choosing the ones I like best. She is fun and an absolute joy to work with!

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