Britney Brown, Brand & Product Photographer

Pacific Northwest Brand and Product Photographer

Photography can help your business offer your audience a peek behind the scenes, illustrate the story of your business, and create a memorable online presence. Product Photography has a powerful impact on your customer’s experience by illustrating an accurate representation of what they can expect to receive. Our Lifestyle Branding and Product Photography services allow your ideal customer a real-world view of your brand in action. We will work together throughout the process to make sure we include details that show your personality and unique qualities of your business. I live for unique details. I offer pre-session planning consultations for wardrobe, hair and makeup referrals, props, and poses.

Imagine your products or services presented in a way that allows your ideal customer to picture themselves enjoying what you have to offer! That personal impact makes our Commercial Lifestyle Photography services a valuable addition to your social media presence, website, and other visual advertisements.

If you’re looking for ecommerce photos, you’ve found the right photographer!

Product Photography Subscription services are a great way to keep your online presence updated as often as you like! Having access to an abundant library of images created specifically for your brand makes content creation a breeze, which leaves you more time for you to do the work you love! Learn more and sign up for Product Photography packages a

DIY Product Photography

Do you want to do your own product photography and think you could benefit from some professional mentorship? I have the service for you! I offer product photography workshops to help you make the most of your own product and brand photos! sign up on our website at under the Shop Services menu.

I offer product photo editing and product photo editing consultations.

Keepsake Archival Service

• Photo archival allows you to save space in your home or storage space. If you have boxes or plastic totes full of memories but you’re tired of toting them around, this is a great solution! We understand that memories are important, but not every item that is attached to a memory needs to be stored. An album of beautiful archival images of your keepsakes will allow you to look back on those things and pass the stories on to your children without the heavy load.
This is a great option for people who enjoy preserving memories but don’t have space to hang on to all of the things.
• Keep digital copies of your keepsakes in case of a catastrophic event.
• Create Scrapbooks from your preservation photos. Include keepsakes that are too large to include in a scrapbook by using beautiful images of the keepsakes instead. Create a full photo album of keepsakes or use these images to supplement a traditional scrapbook.

Learn more on our website

Hi, I’m Britney Brown! I am the owner and artist behind Fresh B Photography in Vancouver, Washington.

I grew up in Oregon and love exploring the Pacific Northwest. I am constantly inspired by the beautiful nature that surrounds us in Washington and Oregon. Combined with my love for photography, this leads me on an insatiable quest to find breathtaking locations to photograph and observe wildlife around the Pacific Northwest.

It is so fun to capture nature in a still image, to gain a perspective that you might not otherwise get… like the vibrant colors on a hummingbird moving at 60 MPH, or the pollen bags on a busy Honey Bee. My husband and I enjoy spending time outdoors with our children and dog, and seek an adventure every chance we get. I love being able to spend quality time with my family outdoors, witnessing children experience the world is so energizing! They have the best observations and curious insight.

It brings me joy to see others succeed! I genuinely enjoy getting to be a part of the growth experience that comes with reaching the level of needing to hire a professional photographer for your brand. I love to support Small Businesses and shop small and local every chance I get.

I enjoy balancing my knack for details with my driving creativity to create a customized experience for my clients. I love to take the qualities that describe your brand and include subtle details in your images. I would love to talk about how we can work together to create a one-of-a-kind visual representation of your brand!

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6 responses on “Britney Brown, Brand & Product Photographer

  1. Lauren Allee

    I just wrapped up my branding shoot with Britney and I am so pumped to see the photos. I HATE being photographed but knew it was necessary for building my business. From our first consult she put me at ease and asked questions to help understand my brand and what tone I’m going for. The shoot today was effortless Britney made me feel very comfortable and gave great direction while putting up with my goofy natural self. I CAN’T wait to see the final product!

  2. Ange Caufield-Thompson

    Working with Britney was so much fun! She has a way of making the shoot feel effortless. Britney took the time to ask me questions and make sure she understood the vibe/feel I was going for. We laughed and danced and had a such a good time in my session. Thank you Britney ?

  3. Tori Daw

    Britney has such a way of making you feel comfortable enough to be your truest self in front of the camera! She is such a sweet, funny, creative person, it makes the entire experience exciting and beautiful! Can’t wait to work with her more!

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