Body Balance – Cycling, Pilates & Barre

Body Balance is more than a boutique fitness studio, we are a part of the local community and your fitness family. We have been shaping bodies and hearts since 1998; providing you with an extraordinary full-body experience. We have the BEST instructors in the industry and our goal is to make every session the BEST part of your day.

We are not your typical one exercise studio! We’ve created a new boutique experience by bringing together the very best in studio and virtual fitness. When you join our Ohana you get Pilates, Barre, Indoor Cycling (Spin Classes), Strength Training, Yoga, Weights, and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in one luxurious space. We not only excel at shaping, toning, shredding and leaning out a person’s physique, but we also help you build the self confidence and self-love that you deserve.

We may be Body Balance but our instructors focus on more than just your physical body. We help you shape your booty and your mind.

Rhythm Cycling. Pilates. Barre. HIIT. Strength. Everything you need.

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