BaDundle Baby

An online store. Always open! A sustainable baby clothing solution for sizes newborn-toddler. We use previously loved baby clothing and make them like new, to pack the BaDundle Box (zero disposable packaging) in sizes and seasons.

We provide parents with a quick, easy, and convenient way to purchase baby clothes. The first year of your baby’s life goes by so fast with your baby growing even faster. A baby will typically grow out of clothing every few months the first year, and they can go through multiple outfits a day leaving parents needing lots of extra clothes and a whole new baby wardrobe every 3 months on average. We want to take the worry out of clothing for your baby. A BaDundle Box can be ordered and delivered before it is needed so families will always have a complete set of clothing ready for their baby. The clothing is sent in water resistant, stackable totes, so the clothing can be stored right in the BaDundle Box until your baby is ready for them.

Our Why: We as parents know what it is like to deal with baby clothes, some of the cutest and least worn clothing items on the planet. We want to help other parents be earth conscious and resourceful without having to spend their precious time in consignment stores and hunting for the best deals. We are passionate about bringing simplicity to families as a full circle clothing solution.

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