AstroArtistry by Dianna Fontes.Artist

Art + Astrology + Damn Fine Witchcraft

Dianna offers a selection of Magically made fine art & handmade craft. She revels in collaborative commissions commemorating our most important life experiences but there is also a selection of handmade gifts, altar decor, jewelry and more available for purchase in her Retail Shoppe too. Most of her creations are made during Magical times with Magical intentions.

Offering Astrology Readings for Individuals, Kiddos & Parents, & Business Owners. Dianna’s mission is to provide validation and remediation for the uniqueness in you. She also creates a drawing of your Astrology Chart in every session AND she has many options for adding additional art pieces to your readings. Or you can purchase the Astrological Art without readings as well.

Astrology Classes & WeRKshops are also available on a new social platform designed by Dianna. This space, called The ComMOONity NetWeRk offers a delightful mixture of Art, Astrology & Magic for the curious and experienced alike. Join The ComMOONity for free, then select the WeRKshops and Circles that fit your needs without all the algorithms and data mining of other social platforms. Sign up for paid WeRkshops and Circles that interest you. [ Join Here: }

Dianna also has Magical offerings like spellcasting, altar design, and creating talismans & tools. Find these offerings in The ComMOONity NetWeRK or in her Retail Shoppe on her website. New WeRKshops and events coming in 2022

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4 responses on “AstroArtistry by Dianna Fontes.Artist

  1. Jenelle Woodlief

    Dianna possesses a multidimensional magic unlike any other human I’ve ever met. Her ability to condense the intricacies of astrology through words and visual art is unparalleled. I have been following Dianna for a year now, have been in her coMOONinity group, and recently had an astro natal chart reading, and in each experience I have been more blown away by her power and insight, and incredible artistic talent. If you are wanting to understand yourself on a deeply soul level and your place in the world & cosmos, do not wait to book a session with Dianna. It’s for real, one of the most amazing and validating experiences I’ve ever had. I understand myself and my own unique abilities and challenges so much better. AND I have this incredible piece of art that she created for me in the process of my chart reading. I cannot wait to have her do the charts for both my boys as well. I cannot recommend Dianna enough to EVERYONE.

  2. Sara Fins

    The Astrology sessions I had with Dianna were powerful. The Natal Chart reading illuminated so many things for me and the most recent session that I had was helpful in thinking and planning for the next few months of my life and work. Dianna was wonderful to work with and her astrology sketch is gorgeous. I love that she sends this along after the session. I highly recommend booking a reading!

    P.S. Be sure to check out her artwork too!!

  3. Kary Meredith

    Dianna is one of the most amazing people I have ever worked with. Our reading was nothing short of incredible. I had never had a reading done before and Dianna made me feel comfortable and completely seen. My meeting with her completely validated where I needed to go with my business as well as in my personal life. The art from my reading hangs above my desk where I can look at it every day. It is both beautiful and functional. I have learned so much from being a part of her community.

  4. Karen H Asbury

    Working with Dianna made me feel seen and validated at a deep level. She not only highlighted my gifts but also empathized with the parts of me where I have challenges. She provided reassuring guidance based on my chart that helped me see myself and my life choices in a more empowering way. All this while putting me at ease watching her draw and adding color to a very personalized special piece of artwork just for me. I would recommend Dianna to anyone!

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