Art with Lynzie

As Art with Lynzie, I am an intuitive artist of over 30 years. Through my own journey of trauma and healing I offer different ways I brought myself out of darkness and continually share my story to provide a safe space for others to know they are not alone and their are ways to to release and move through what has brought them to the person they are today. *If further, more advanced attention is needed, I refer out to professionals with a match for the need presented.

I help people to form their vision for tomorrow by guiding them to create a visual map for their future, no matter where they are in life.
We move through this process by breaking free from SMART goals, 5/10 year plans, ego lead thinking and opening up our hearts, intuition and allowing our true desires shine through without limitations. Workshops are conducted in person and virtually. for individuals, families, friends, parties, small and corporate businesses as well as non-profit organizations and the list goes on. Vision boards are great to update multiple times throughout the year. As our lives and seasons change so may our directions and desires. Groups of 4+ are welcome to schedule or join me for my monthly workshop.

Art therapy method I utilize, there is no need for interactive conversation. We will discuss further how the process works in a conversation. This is conducted privately in single or multiple sessions or in group settings both in person and virtually.

As an intuitive artist and alchemist, tools I utilize currently are vision boards (visionary project), tarot/ oracle readings, art therapy and paintings. Commissions are welcomed.

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3 responses on “Art with Lynzie

  1. Candice luella chalmers

    Lynzie’s vision board workshops are great for reflection and coming back to yourself. In todays world of go, go, go I highly recommend taking a moment for yourself, kicking back and joining her for creating a board. She walks you thru the process which is very therapeutic and a great way to unwind and refocus.

  2. Angela Thompson

    Lynzie is such an amazing human! Each and every experience I have with her is genuine and so real. Lynzie is deeply grounded in her work and passionate about sharing it with others. Her approach is unique and so refreshing!

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