Aria Leighty- Business Mentor and Creative Consultant

Aria Leighty is a thought leader, trail blazer, and business mentor. For almost a decade, Aria has combined her diverse experience, creative ideas, wide range of connections, and unique perspective to help women on the edge of change up-level in their businesses and lives.

Aria helps you get out of your own way, sparkle up your mindset, step in to your power, and live your dream life. Working with Aria as a business mentor blends consulting, coaching, and cheerleading not found anywhere else.

Aria has a proven track record of success in building communities and online empires. Schedule a “Pick My Brain” session, join a mastermind, purchase her courses or work with her 1:1.

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8 responses on “Aria Leighty- Business Mentor and Creative Consultant

  1. Jessica Sneed

    I’m so grateful I took the opportunity to join Aria’s latest Show Up To Go Up cohort. Her content is so good — inspiring and tangible wisdom! She provides deep and insightful coaching and I can’t wait to “pick her brain” in my session next month. I’ve seen my business grow with Aria’s magic touch on confidence, marketing, networking, and supporting others. Don’t hesitate to work with her in any way possible!

  2. Kathryn Henderson

    If you are feeling stuck or insecure and want to change and build confidence then you’re found who you want to work with! Aria is a master at her trade and her Show Up to Go Up class will change your life. Literally. Not only will you have tangible steps to hone your focus and goals around your life and business but you will find a family-like community of cheerleaders you’ll bond with creating a mini network in and of itself. Aria only attracts the raddest people so if that sounds like you, then you for sure want to work with her. No hesitation, the universe brought you to read this.

  3. Alison Brown

    I had the pleasure of working with Aria through her Show Up to Go Up program. I was blown away by the clarity and the lightbulbs that I received during the course. The support that we received and group discussions were some of my favorite times ever. I learned how to Show Up and be a force for good in my own business and to help others around me. The principles and techniques she taught have already changed the trajectory of my business and given it rocket fuel to hit my next target. If you have the chance to work with Aria you must take it!

  4. Britney Brown

    I had the opportunity to join Aria Leighty in her program, Show Up to Go Up. As a long-time fan of Aria I was beyond excited to absorb what she had to share. I expected to learn how to show up. I expected some amazing content and takeaways. I did NOT expect to feel so **transformed** after just 5 weeks.

    My biggest takeaway is a new brand of confidence. I am not living by the standard definition of confidence, but it is MY definition. I am showing up in a way that feels like me. I am stepping outside of my comfort zone in a way that feels safe. I am letting go of the example that my instagram feed is trying to set for me. I feel so free and validated in who I am. I wouldn’t have been basking in this mindset if weren’t for Aria Leighty. Aria has a unique way of asking questions and digging in that cuts through the bullsh*t. She is relatable, raw, and the energy she carries with her is contagious.

  5. Tori

    If you have the privilege and opportunity to receive Aria’s energy into your life- I beg you, DO NOT SLEEP ON IT! She is so much more than a coach or consultant. Aria’s guidance and HYPE has drastically expanded my mindset, my belief in myself, my approach to my business, and I finally feel like I am truly shedding my fears of my own personal power.
    I worked with Aria in a 6-week 1:1 full consulting package, and in such a short amount of time she helped me through the concept and birth of an exciting, aligned business venture/creative outlet/LIFE PATH! She provided hands-on assistance through Marco Polo consulting and weekly Zoom calls to help find all the juicy ideas that were hiding in my subconscious. I now have a blossoming business that flows with me and my energy, and I will forever be grateful to her for that!
    If you’re ready to truly transform your business and your life in the deepest, most impactful ways you could imagine, you better smash that link to her website, like yesterday!

  6. Caitlin Mohnike

    I have been working with Aria for… 5 months now? And everything is different with me and my business. I held off on hiring a business coach because I felt like I knew the stuff I wanted to do. So why would I need a coach? Having her on the end of my zoom calls and marco polo chats as a cheerleader and guide for all the things I wanted to do has been priceless. As a woman owned business it’s hard to emphasize how valuable having someone like Aria is. She pushes you to value yourself, your time, and your contribution. Definitely recommend working with her!

  7. Angela Thompson

    How can I give this woman more than 5 stars?! Since working with Aria, my life has changed in ways I never knew possible. I have become confident, creative and open. I have worked through the hardest of blocks and limiting beliefs and nurtured my business into the beautiful thing it is today. Aria, thank you for your guidance, your support, creativity and ass-kicking! Investing in Aria as a consultant is a no-brainer. She has paved the way for mom-owned businesses, taken courageous leaps and shown me what is possible for myself and my business. Book your appointment with her now!

  8. Jenelle Woodlief

    Working with Aria has changed my business and radically improved my life. I hired her as a business consultant over a year ago and in working with her, my income has quadrupled. But more importantly, she has given me permission and the tools to dream bigger while also caring for my own self first. Aria has a brilliant mind when it comes to crafting strategy, branding, messaging, and CEO mindset. She has helped me push through limiting beliefs and mindset blocks to show up as my best, most authentic self and create a business that has unlimited capacity for growth and impact. I’ve loved my time working with her and whenever I have a big idea pop up, booking a session with Aria is always first on my list. If you haven’t at least booked a Pick My Brain session with her, you are MISSING out.

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