Ancora Wellness

Founded in 2016, Ancora Wellness sprang from the radical idea that you shouldn’t need to have something wrong with you to receive care. You deserve to have wellness options available no matter how you are feeling.

Unfortunately, Western medicine relies almost exclusively on waiting for diagnoses with a medical billing code available. And it also revolves around what an insurance company will or will not pay for when someone seeks care.

This is wrong and harmful.

At Ancora Wellness, we offer holistic and inclusive care based on the understanding that your wellness needs change daily. What feels supportive and helpful one week might not be the best fit the following week. Our team works with you to determine the proper care at the right time to help you feel your best.

From massage to nutrition to mental health counseling, our providers offer comprehensive services to boost your body, mind, and soul. You do not need a medical diagnosis or approval from your insurance to receive services at Ancora.

“Ancora”- From the Latin: Anchor, refuge, support, and hope.

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