Adventure Wednesdays LLC

Your Adventure Mindset Mentor. Guiding women from ‘woe is me’ to ‘WOW is me!” by rediscovering how to play and fun again.

Adventure Wednesdays started as my solution when I realized I had been such a people-pleaser that I didn’t know what I (me, myself and I) found fun. I made the decision to take myself out on mini adventures on Wednesdays over 10 years ago. Along the way I discovered a new way of looking at life. Every day became an adventure, no matter where I was. My mission is to inspire and encourage you to gather the courage to take your first step. And the next. And then another. The goal is to explore where you find your inner joy and allow your true, authentic self to play!

My passion? Chocolate! Years ago a psychic informed me that my “spirit animal” is the cacao bean. Following all the paths my curiosity led me, I now am an expert on many things chocolate. Why not check out one of my virtual pairings?

Personal coaching; Inspirational blogs; Find Your Fun course; 7-week intensive “Your 7th Sense, A Sense of Adventure’: Chocolate Pairing Adventure Series. Free ebook “Finding Fun” when you sign up for weekly emails. Find info on all the things at

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