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MOB Spotlight: Sue Patterson, Unschooling Mom 2 Mom

Sue Patterson’s path to becoming a homeschooling coach and community leader started when traditional school didn’t meet her child’s needs.“I was a mainstream suburban soccer mom. I had no idea when I first had kids that I’d ever choose something so ‘radical’ as homeschooling! But when school didn’t fit, I thought, ‘How hard can second grade be? Let’s do this… and they’ll always take us back if this is a bad idea!’  So we dove into adventures […]

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8 Simple Ways to Support Mom Business Owners

Looking for ways to support your favorite businesses? Here are eight of our favorite ways to do that!Tell others about their business and why you love them!Don’t keep your favorite mom-owned business a secret! Word of mouth is crucial, so make sure you are tagging them in social media posts, sharing their name with friends, and sending potential customers their way.via GIPHYLeave a Five Star ReviewLike word of mouth, reviews are incredibly important to businesses to help build trust and ear […]

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